The Strugle Restart to Begin

Posted: August 25, 2009 in minE
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How to kill the time?
Lemme being a part of vain,
just dunno what to do to make it true
Hold on tight and break the fake!
Face up the truth with the fullest faith!
Let it flow until the “bedug Magrib” follow ^^

*menunggu datangna magrib*

  1. joulecar says:

    lha tata aturane enak ngunu ug….
    sing sering update kan nduwur….

  2. joulecar says:

    lha gur sitik og jitoz e…

  3. diazhandsome says:

    baru puasa aja udah pake emoticon ‘I’m dead’… wuu 😛

  4. fadielajah says:

    magrib jgn dtunggu atuh mbak.. ntar dtg ndiri..heheh

    slm knal.. blog yg bgus ni.. tkeran link ya mbak, link mbak ud sya psang dblog sya..

  5. iconnya kok sempet garuk2 pantat.. 😀

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